i-TRIBOMAT Open Call for Early Adopters

It is official! i-TRIBOMAT counts with 18 Early Adopters!

We thank you all the applicants for participating in i-TRIBOMAT’s Open Call for Early Adopters.

Early Adopter Map

  • We cover 10 different countries
  • Eight of the Early Adopters are SMEs

It is time to get to work for the i-TRIBOMAT Service Providers:

AC2T research GmbH
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland
IK4-TEKNIKER - Research and Technology Centre
Lulea University of Technology
BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

We are working hard to have the i-TRIBOMAT: The European Tribology Centre fully operational in 2023!

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At a Glance

Application guidelines - PDF Download

Service Catalogue – Interactive PDF

i TRIBOMAT is the world’s first digital Open Innovation Test bed offering advanced tribological material characterization and materials up-scaling services.

Its innovative digital platform is a one stop Single Entry Point (SEP) for on-demand services, providing access to the European Tribology Centre, operating the largest tribology testing centres in Europe

i-TRIBOMAT is looking for Early Adopters to test its digital services through an Open Call with the aim of providing scope for services improvement.

The Open Call for Early Adopters is aimed at SMEs and large companies from the materials development sectors to test:

This application guide provides eligible applicants all the necessary information they need to apply to participate in the Open Call.

The characterisation services will be offered by the i-TRIBOMAT partners as in-kind support to the awarded companies - up to 8-10 European companies - SMEs and large industry based in European Union or associated countries of H2020.

There will be no costs invoiced to the Early Adopters.

The budget for the Call will be covered within the scope of the i-TRIBOMAT project funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under GA no. 814494. No additional funding will be dedicated to support this Call.

Role and added value for the Early Adopters

Early Adopters will make an invaluable contribution to the development of the unique i-TRIBOMAT services in playing the role of its first customers.

The selected companies will test the portfolio of services that i-TRIBOMAT provides but also its marketing campaigns, the translators network, the dissemination and communications activities.

To support the Early Adopters, i-TRIBOMAT has already recruited and trained a Translators Network to closely collaborate with and guide the Early Adopters. Translators will explain to the Early Adopters i-TRIBOMAT’s value proposition and the different services that i-TRIBOMAT offers them.

If a company wants to participate as an Early Adopter and wants to be supported by a Translator, but does not have any contact with any Translator, then it will be assigned one, based on experience, knowledge, and location.

Profile and Eligibility Criteria

Any company – SME and/or large industry based in European Union or associated countries of H2020 is eligible to apply.

Eligibility criteria to be considered are:

Early Adopters Open Call – Application procedure

Step 1: Registration of the applicant

Each applicant needs to register on the web platform of the i-TRIBOMAT projecthttps://www.i-tribomat.eu/opencall.htmlto be able to submit its application.

Step 2: Submission of the application

After registration, the Early Adopters online application form will be available at the i-TRIBOMAT web platform via https://i-tribomat.eu/opencall.html. The applicant form is to be filled out online and submitted at any time until the deadline – 28 February 2022, 23:59 CET.

During this period, the e-mailopencall@i-tribomat.euwill be the only form of communication between the parties involved in order to comply with the principle of transparency.

Once submitted, the applicant will receive an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of the submission.

Application form is to be filled out online by using this link. The application form consists of the following sections:

  1. Case study description (max. 1000 words)
  2. i-TRIBOMAT service(s) as a solution (max. 1000 words)
  3. Company presentation (max. 500 words)
  4. Expected impact derived from the participation of the company in the Open Call (max. 1000 words)
  5. Your company’s expertise and existing resources (max. 500 words)

Step 3: Evaluation & Award

After the closing date, the proposals will be evaluated by i-TRIBOMAT Evaluation Committee.

Prior to the evaluation, evaluators will sign a non-disclosure agreement, excluding a potential conflict of interest and ensuring confidential handling of the application.

The evaluation principles, eligibility criteria and the scoring scale used are aligned with the Horizon 2020 programme and tailored to the objective of the i-TRIBOMAT project.

The Evaluation Committee, consisting of i-TRIBOMAT consortium members with technical expertise, will assess the quality of the presented offers until April 1st and successful applicants will be invited to sign the Collaboration Agreement by the end of April 2022. Activities will begin in May 2022 and last until end of November 2022.

Applicants who have passed the evaluation and provided that the partners have not identified a conflict of interest will be informed about the final decision from Evaluation Committee per e-mail from the address opencall@i-tribomat.eu.

Should the application be evaluated positively, the applicant organisation will be offered the possibility of signing theCollaboration Agreement. An Evaluation Summary Report will be sent to applicants approximately 4 weeks from submission deadline (end of March 2022).

Step 4: Collaboration Agreement (CollA) Signature

This is the agreement between the i-TRIBOMAT project and the Early Adopter. It specifies the standards, the Do’s and Don’ts and the respective responsibilities. In addition, it will include Early Adopter’s exclusion criteria. This CollA needs to be signed by the applicant and returned to the i-TRIBOMAT project coordinator to enter into force.

Step 5: Collaboration Agreement Implementation

After the signing and countersigning of the Collaboration Agreement (CollA) between i-TRIBOMAT consortium and Early Adopter, services development supporting EAs with their use-cases will be conducted, from May-November 2022. Translators will assist i-TRIBOMAT with the implementation by supporting EA according the agreement that will rule their involvement.

Open Call timeline

Further information: opencall@i-tribomat.eu

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