Webinar on the i-TRIBOMAT recruitment of translators Open Call / MAY 12, 2021 / 15:00 CEST

Join this informative webinar organised by i-TRIBOMAT to learn more about their recruitment of translators.

This webinar will take place on 12th May 15:00-16:30 (CEST), presenting the procedure for submission, services and benefits offered, evaluation criteria and answering any open questions raised.

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Translators Guide for Applicants

Here you can find the "Translators Guide for Applicants" as a PDF-file: Application Guide

Also you can download the PDF-file "About the Project for Translators" here: About the Project for Translators

Translators’ Role in i-TRIBOMAT

i-TRIBOMAT project relies on the Translators role to test the value proposition and the services defined in the project.

To validate i-TRIBOMAT value proposition, Translators will work in close collaboration with the Early Adopters since Translators will participate in the dissemination of the Early Adopters Open Call, explaining to potential customers i-TRIBOMAT unique selling point and which are the different services that the Test Bed offers to the companies, in order to identify potential Early Adopters and, at the end of the day, customers.

Once selected, Translators will support them in the tribological services to be provided by i-TRIBOMAT partners. They will capture industry needs and translate them into tribological characterisation workflows that will be covered by the OITB. In addition, once the services have been provided, they will be in charge of “translating”, that is, explaining the services results so that they can be understood by the companies.

Summing up, i-TRIBOMAT Translator will:

  • Disseminate the Early Adopters Open Call and i-TRIBOMAT value proposition
  • Support the companies in fulfilling the Open Call application converting their requirements into specifications compatible with i-TRIBOMAT services.
  • Support the companies when dealing with the SEP and the service provider
  • Explain the technical results to the customers if it is required

Profile & Eligibility Criteria

To maximise the impact, two profiles have been identified that may be suitable to deploy the Translators’ role:

  • Tribology experts who “translate” the meaning of the services test results for their product or material
  • Business/ technological consultants who communicate the benefits of a European-wide operating OITB

For both profiles, it is required to demonstrate:

  • Personal track record of at least 3 years in the activity domain
  • Proven experience in at least one industrial sector
  • Good language skills (written and spoken). This includes English and the territorial language for the country or region, on which the Translator is applying. The Expression of Interest shall be submitted in English
  • Consultants in addition, need to demonstrate an extensive network of contacts among industrial SMEs
  • Territorial coverage. Translators must be based in an EU country other than that of the i-TRIBOMAT partners (Austria, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom). Translators must point out the countries/regions that they may cover based on their expertise. The project aim is to cover as many European countries as possible

Translators Recruitment

For Translators’ recruitment, an Expression of Interest (EoI) mechanism is to be implemented to select the best profiles. Natural persons are invited to submit an expression of interest in accordance with the rules set out in this call.

The submission period will last for two months closing on the 31st of May 2021.

At least one webinar will be organised to explain the scope of the EoI call since it is considered the best channel to reach potential Translators.

The procedure, in case of selected as i-TRIBOMAT Translator, consists of the following steps

recruitment steps

Figure 1: Application procedure

Step 1. Registration on the web platform

First, each candidate needs to register on the web platform of the i-TRIBOMAT project www.i-tribomat.eu/translators to be able to submit the application. In this way, the candidates can be informed if there are any changes in the process.

Step 2. Submission of the application

The Translator application will be available at the i-TRIBOMAT web platform via www.i-tribomat.eu/translators

The applicant form is to be fulfilled online and submitted at any time while the Expression of Interest call is open.

During this period, the e-mail translators@i-tribomat.eu will be the only form of communication between the people involved, being an easy way to comply with the principle of transparency afterwards.

Once submitted, the applicant will receive an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of the submission.

Interested parties will fulfil the application which collects information on the following:

  • Area of expertise
  • Professional experience
  • Education and training
  • Languages spoken
  • Territorial coverage
  • Potential customers they can reach

Step 3. Evaluation & Award

After the closing date, the proposals will be evaluated by i-TRIBOMAT evaluators. Prior to the evaluation, evaluators will sign a non-disclosure agreement, excluding a potential conflict of interest and ensuring confidential handling of the application.

The evaluation principles, criteria and the scoring scale used are aligned with the Horizon 2020 programme and tailored to the objective of the i-TRIBOMAT project.

Criteria to be considered are:

  • Criteria 1: Expertise
  • Criteria 2: Territorial coverage

Applicants who have passed the evaluation and provided that the partners have not identified a conflict of interest will be offered the possibility of signing the Collaboration Agreement.

Step 4. Collaboration Agreement (CollA) Signature

This agreement between the i-TRIBOMAT project and the Translator specifies the rules governing the activity of the translator and defines the responsibilities of each party.

This CollA needs to be signed by the applicant and returned to the i-TRIBOMAT project coordinator to enter into force.

Step 5. Collaboration Agreement Implementation

After the signing of the Collaboration Agreement (CollA), the involvement of the Translator starts with the training activities. Afterwards, the Translator must assist i-TRIBOMAT with the implementation of the Translator services by:

  • explaining to companies i-TRIBOMAT value proposition and the different services that the Test Bed offers to the companies to identify potential Early Adopters and,
  • providing Translators’ supporting services to the beneficiary(ies) of the Early Adopters open call that i-TRIBOMAT will assign to the Translator.

This involves, in particular:

  • participating in meeting(s) and workshops
  • supporting companies to fulfil the application of Early Adopters
  • supporting the Early Adopters in the implementation of the i-TRIBOMAT service set out in the agreement that will rule their involvement.

Tentative Calendar

Based on the steps and procedures defined above, the tentative schedule for the Translators involvement is summed up in this figure.

tentative calendar

Figure 2: Tentative schedule for Translators’ involvement

Translators’ Remuneration

Translators are considered as subcontractors according to the EU rules and the i-TRIBOMAT Grant Agreement. This means that Translators will need to send an invoice to i-TRIBOMAT, in particular to TEKNIKER, as the partner coordinating this activity, to be paid for the activities performed. Without an invoice, the Translator will not be paid in any case.

That said, the following remuneration cases for the Translators have been defined: 

  • Translators will be paid 500 € once the Collaboration Agreement is signed
  • Translators will be paid 250 € per application submitted  to the EA open call and positively evaluated but not selected with a maximum of 750 € per Translator
  • Translator will be paid 1.000 € per the assignment of an early adopter to support the company and for the reporting activities

In addition, Translators will be paid 200 € if she/he is asked by i-TRIBOMAT to attend an event with the aim for presenting the Early Adopters Open Call or any related i-TRIBOMAT activity.

Summing Up

Summarizing, from the Translators’ side:

  • if interested in the role
    • Respond to the expression of interest call fulfilling all the sections. Deadline May 31st
  • before any possible assignment to support a company, a Translator shall:
    • Sign a collaboration agreement if she/he is selected and requested
    • Attend the training activities developed by the i-TRIBOMAT project
  • once assigned, the Translator shall develop the tasks according to the i-TRIBOMAT service catalogue and other manuals the project may provide. Among others, the Translators must:
    • Report on potential customers or Early Adopters contacted
    • Keep a time sheet, signed by the client/ Service Coordinator of performed activities
    • Fulfil and submit their report with the translating activities developed for approval
    • Follow the Reimbursement Rules to receive any fee payment
    • Keep records to verify the proper implementation of the work (including reports) under the Collaboration Agreement

Further information: translators@i-tribomat.eu

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