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Advanced Analytical Methods

Surface / Topographic Measurement

With our advanced analytical methods your material, surface or lubricant can be analysed before, during and after the tribological test.

  • Surface / Topographic measurement

    wear scar, topography mapping, roughness…

  • 3D Scanning

    macro geometry

  • High Speed Camera

    Visible and Infrared

  • Focus variation scanning


  • Interferometric scanning

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Chemical and Structural Analysis

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  • Spectrometry

    e.g. EDX micro-analysis at SEM

  • Chromatography

  • Crystallography

    e.g. X-ray diffraction

  • Metallography

    at Optical Microscopy and SEM, FIB, EBSD

  • Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy

  • High Resolution Mass spectrometry


  • Electrochemistry

    e.g. tribocorrosion, potentiostatic controlled

  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy


  • Element Analyser CHNS and O

  • Gas phase analyser

    e.g. Quadrupol MS gas analyser

  • Thermogravimetric analyses

    TGA, DSC


tribometers & additional characterization methods

Bulk Material Mechanical Properties

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  • ISO 6892-1

    Room temperature tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of metals

  • ISO 6892-2

    High temperature tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of metals

  • ISO 6892-3

    Low temperature tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of metals

  • ISO 527-1/2

    Tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of polymers , Tensile strain of polymers (elongation) at yield / at break

  • ISO 604

    Compressive stress of polymers at 1 /2 /5 % nominal strain

  • ISO 148-1

    Charpy impact strength of metals at room and low temperature

  • ISO 179-1

    Charpy impact strength of polymers

  • ISO 178

    Flexural strength of polymers

Lubricant and Grease Characterisation

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  • ASTM D5185

    Chemical composition

  • ASTM D445 / ISO 3104

    Dynamic viscosity test

  • ASTM D445 / ISO 3104

    Kinematic viscosity test

  • ASTM D664 / ISO 6618

    Acid number AN test

  • ASTM D5770

    Variation of acid number AN during oxidation

  • ASTM D3427 / ISO 9120

    Air release time LAV test

  • ASTM D6971 / D6810

    Antioxidant content determination

  • ASTM D2896 / ISO 3771

    Base number BN test

  • ASTM D877 / D1816

    Electric breakdown voltage test

  • ASTM D1500 / ISO 2049

    Colour index test

  • ASTM D4308 / D2624 / ISO 6297

    Electrical conductivity measurement

  • ASTM D189 / D2416 / ISO 6615,

    Conradson carbon residue test

  • ASTM D130 / ISO 2160

    Corrosion level determination

  • ASTM D665 / D3603 / ISO 7120

    Rust-preventing characteristics in the presence of water

  • ASTM D 6304

    Water content determination

  • ASTM D924 / IEC 60247

    Dielectric dissipation factor determination

  • Relative dielectric constant determination

  • ASTM D7899

    Dispersancy test

  • ASTM D6426

    Filterability determination

  • ASTM D892

    Foaming tendency test

  • ASTM D2078

    Iodine number determination

  • ASTM D2603

    Shear stability test for polymer-containing fluids

  • ASTM D2896 /D4739

    Consumption of alkaline additives

  • ASTM D2982

    Glycol content determination

  • ASTM D5621

    Shear stability test for hydraulic fluids

  • ASTM D6082

    High temperature foaming tendency test

  • ASTM D874 / DIN 51575 / ISO 3987

    Sulphate ash

  • ASTM D7647 / ISO 4406

    Solid contaminants

  • ASTM D7946

    Initial pH (i-pH) determination

  • ASTM D8184

    PQ index determination

  • ASTM D942 / DIN 51808

    Oxidation stability test of greases

  • ASTM D971 / ISO 6295

    Interfacial tension between water and oil

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