Complementary Services

Outsource your Tribology R&D

To support you before and during your development process, i-TRIBOMAT offers complementary services on federated data searches of technical literature, research articles, state of the art reviews, patents and general material data.

  • Federated search technology

  • Technical literature, research articles, state of the art reviews, patents, and general materials data

  • Technical consulting, materials and lubricant selection, production and machining processes


experts in all technical disciplines

Semantic Searching Tools

Data searches are conducted simultaneously across a variety of recognized databases.

i-TRIBOMAT’s semantic searching tools automatically take care of the multiplicity of nomenclatures that exists with the designation of materials and tribological properties, due
to different national standards, scientific designations, and commercial names.


The result of such a search is presented in a unique collection, easy to comprehend and totally transparent.

These reports are customized with your requirements and questions.

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Tribological Characterisation

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Advanced Analytical Characterisation

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Data Driven Service

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Simulation & Modeling

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Enhanced Consulting

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