Tribological Characterisation

Friction & Wear

With our customized tribological characterization services, we can predict the performance of your product at a very early stage. New materials, surface structures or lubricants can be investigated under real load and environmental conditions of your application


tribometers & additional characterization methods

Outstanding Testing Possibilities:

We guarantee highest accuracy, repeatability and interoperability

  • Load from 0.000005 to 160000 N

  • Speed from nearly 0 to 400 m/s

  • Temperature from -268 °C to 1500 °C

  • Humidity from 0 to 100 % (rel.)

  • Environment

    Hydrogen (liquid and gaseous), Helium (liquid and gaseous), Methane/Natural gas (liquid and gaseous), Vacuum, Nitrogen

  • Model tests

  • Component tests

    FZG, Bearings (roller, ball, journal), Sealing Systems, Clutch, …

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Tribological Characterisation

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Advanced Analytical Characterisation

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Simulation & Modeling

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