Benchmarking of sealing materials in liquid hydrogen

“When designing new valves for liquid hydrogen applications, you need to understand the behaviour of the material under this special conditions. i-TRIBOMAT, with its unique testing infrastructure, offered us the possibility to characterize and benchmark sealing materials in a liquid hydrogen environment.”

Nikolaos Yamvrias,
Senior Mechanical Engineer

About Test Fuchs:
With our products we set aerospace testing benchmarks in the fields of service, technology, reliability and quality. With our aerospace components we are a flexible and innovative partner.


Seals under vacuum

With the collaboration of I-TRIBOMAT we can better understand and improve the degradation of vacuum seals in our systems.”

Victor de Bar,
Contamination and Defectivity Specialist at VDL ETG T&DL

About VDL ETG T&D:
VDL ETG has grouped its technology & development  capabilities in one global organization that is in part also co-located to the production facilities to strengthen its  DfX philosophy in designing new equipment for the OEM customers. VDL ETG T&D’s main location is in Eindhoven, housing all competence groups, specialist functions (e.g. physicists, chemists) and the management and staff. Per 2018, VDL ETG T&D employs more than 230 FTE and works closely with several staffing-partners.


Thin coatings for high temperature applications

“Thanks to the services of I-Tribomat, we will be able to continue our development of low friction
coefficient and low wear rate thin films for high temperature applications.”

Fanny Gouraud,
Project Manager at CITRA

About CITRA:
The Engineering Center for Advanced Surface Treatment and Coatings (CITRA) has
its head office in ESTER Technopole site, in the premises of the National School of Engineers of
Limoges (ENSIL). CITRA is a Technological Transfer Center to promote Surface Treatments in all
ways, from the point of view of development, characterization or training (continuous or


Electric drivetrain gearbox components

““With the support and services of i-TRIBOMAT Scania will be able to reduce the losses and increase the durability in their electric drivetrain.”

Dr Jonny Hansen
Senior Tribologist

About Scania:
Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions. Scania AN focus on commercial vehicles—specifically heavy lorries, trucks and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications.


Self-lubricating seals for pneumatic actuators

“The development of self-lubricating seals and engineering plastic components for customized application is a challenging and long-lasting process. With the support and services of i-TRIBOMAT we can rapidly develop new raw materials for the self-lubricating seals. New simulation tools enable us to predict the lifetime for such innovative sealing solutions.”

Lluis Mont
Managing Director

The dynamically growing Trygonal Group was founded in 2010. Currently we employ more than 200 dedicated employees in seven sales and production companies. You will find us in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and France. Through this network of partner companies our products are distributed worldwide.


Benchmarking of sealing materials

“We signed up for the I-Tribomat programme with questions about the performance of elastomeric materials. We were surprised by the ease of understanding our problem, and above all by the richness of the results and the clarity of the conclusions, which were immediately useful.”

Antoine Simon
Business Manager

EPIDOR Seals and Rubber Technology is the sealing company within the EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies group. The team and resources of EPIDOR Seals and Rubber Technology are oriented to offer a direct service to large consumers of seals, in particular machine manufacturers, as well as industries whose process require critical and very specific treatment in sealing solutions.


Benchmarking of bearing materials under vacuum

“”With the service of i-TRIBOMAT we were able to perform tribological tests in vacuum conditions and select the most suitable material out of our portfolio. Furthermore, the results helped us for future developments.”

Steffen Kropp
Senior Engineering Manager

About Deva:
For over 85 years, maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings from DEVA have been proving themselves in innumerable industrial applications. Our products can be found in large machines, in the construction and automotive industries, in wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants as well as in general mechanical engineering. Experienced teams of specialists are in action for you around the globe to develop, install, and look after your sliding bearing solution.


Tribocorrosion behaviour of lubricants

“The support of i-TRIBOMAT allows us to establish a better understanding of tribocorrosion behaviour of lubricants and possibly help develop advanced products.”

Dr Balasubramaniam Vengudusamy
Senior Expert Tribology

About Klüber Lubrication:
Klüber Lubrication is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants and offers high-end tribological solutions for almost all industries and all components. The company has all the usual certifications and a test facility that is almost unique in the lubricants industry. Klüber Lubrication belongs to the Freudenberg Group and employs around 2000 people in over 30 countries.

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