Simulation & Modeling

We predict your product performance

To predict the tribological performance like efficiency or lifetime of your product, we offer you simulation and up-scaling services. With this tools you can up-scale the friction and wear behavior of new materials, structured surfaces or lubricants. You can easily parametrize the models, change the geometry, material or lubricant.

The TriboSolver

Straightforward to use web application to simulate the contact between two rough surfaces.

  • Rough and smooth surfaces

  • Hydrodynamics and thermal effects

  • Predicts the lubrication regime

  • Wear volume and wear particle size

  • Evolution of surface topography

Journal Bearing

Easy to use Web Application to simulate the tribological performance of your journal bearing.

  • Parametrizable geometry, material lubricant

  • Real measured surface as design element

  • Calculation of von Mises Sress, lubrication gap, displacement, etc.


Simulation of tribological performance of your sealing system:

  • Frictional force (losses)

  • Wear and lifetime

Structured Surfaces

Up-scaling of frictional behaviour of structured surfaces. With this tool you can calculate the friction force in lubricated contracts.

  • Selection of best performing surface structure

  • Uploading of measured surfaces

  • Various geometries and contract situations

Customized Simulation Models

Based on your requirements we can customize our simulation models for your application.

  • Prediction of frictional behaviour and efficiency

  • Wear and lifetime estimation

  • Multi scale simulation modeling

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